Nishabdham/Silence (Tamil) MOVIE REVIEW

Nishabdham/Silence (Tamil) MOVIE REVIEW

Cast: Anushka Shetty, Madhavan, Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Subbaraju,

Story & Direction: Hemant Madhukar

Screenplay: Kona Venkat

Produced by: People Media Factory, Kona Film Factory

Music director: Gopi Sundar

Cinematographer: Shaneil Deo

Language: Tamil

Release date: 02-10-2020

Run time: 2hr : 06mins

Genre: Suspense, Thriller


A world-famous Cello player Anthony Gonsalves a celebrity musician from Seattle is murdered and crucified in a villa that has a flashback during 1972 for being haunted. Now Anthony’s Fiancé and friends with help of a Seattle cop force try to figure out if he was really killed by a supernatural being or if he was assassinated by some stranger. Also, his dumb and deaf wife Sakshi teams up with Anjali a Police detective trap to pin down the killer, and discover Anthony’s darkest past.


Even the casting part is strong the movie fails to impress the audience with the performance than the lead’s cast; None of the cast has good scope to showcase their emotions and some of the performance from the cast was very amateurish; Except for the Anushka dumb and deaf act which make us watch in a couple of scenes, other than that no Vow factor to watch out in the performances. Hollywood Actor – Micheal Madsen’s role and his performance even cant help the film to make it a better watch.


Nishabdham is a suspense thriller genre where the film doesn’t justice to the genre where it fails miserably to engage the audience; Also every part of the film has a negative part but the most miserable part was the amateur acting from the cast. Even the screenplay was pathetic and lame which doesn’t engage to sit for 126 minutes. Some stories might look great on paper but do not translate well on screen. The story doesn’t have any emotional connect with the audience is a major drawback with poor direction gives a boring watch. Even the investigation scenes don’t bring up any excitement factor to the film.


Despite the locations in the film, Even the visuals don’t bring up any attention to the audience for the duration of the film, Even the songs and BG couldn’t help the film to engage the audience well; Whereas most of the department looks out to be a drawback for the film which turns out to be pathetic. Poor technical team & lazy cuts make barely watchable.


Right from the start of the film doesn’t offer anything interesting, Even though it’s packed with a good star cast they couldn’t help the film to get better because of the poor writing and execution. Nothing Exciting. Watch at your own Risk!

Pathetic Suspense Thriller!

Movie Rating – 1.5/ 5.

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