Soorarai Pottru  MOVIE REVIEW

Soorarai Pottru MOVIE REVIEW

Cast: Suriya, Aparna Balamurali, Paresh Rawal, Mohan Babu, Urvashi, Kaali Venkat

Story & Direction: Sudha Kongara

Produced by: 2D Entertainment Suriya & Sikhya Entertainment

Music director: G. V. Prakash Kumar

Cinematographer: Niketh Bommireddy

Language: Tamil

Release date: 12-11-2020

Run time: 2hr: 29mins

Genre: Action/Drama


Nedumaaran Rajangam (Maara) the son of a teacher from the village who sets out the dream of creating a revolution by making the common people fly by starting a low-cost airline and takes on the biggest capital intensive industry in the world with the help of his family, friends & Village people.


Suriya has done a remarkable stellar performance and gives a special treat not only to his fans also to all the audiences who watch the film. Suriya has neatly justified the role of Nedumaaran Rajangam with his emotions and expression blows away the film to the next level. Aparana Balamurali gives a spunky performance that instantly makes this character endearing which connected well with the audience. Paresh Rawal is an antagonist where he fits the role correctly. Other supporting cast like Urvashi, Karunas, Kaali Venkat, Mohan Babu & Vivek Prasanna has made us travel along with lead characters of the film with their emotions. Easily the cast is a big plus and notable.


Soorarai Pottru is a journey of a person who loves to fly high has really justified the genre which takes the audience glued well throughout the film. Right from the start, the film shows us how the nexus between capitalists and bureaucrats have been instrumental in crushing anyone who dares to dream big. The racy screenplay and dialogues are the huge highlight which makes us give the heart-warming feel to the film. Sudha Kongara & Shalini Ushadevi writing which gives an impact from start to end. Director Vijay dialogue is a value-added which gives up the life to the film “I want to break the cost barrier as well as the caste barrier”. The biggest strength of the film is the emotional grip which tightens and pumps up the interest that gels well with the audiences. The Maara-Bommi relationship is one of the film’s major strengths.
Sudha Kongara definitely deserves all the praise for not making any compromise & holding up the huge weight of the film.


GV Prakash Kumar already has given chartbusters to the film where he tends to know as BGM king his BGM helps the movie to fly high big time along with the DOP Niketh Bommireddy lighting and visuals which makes us feel the emotions of Maara & Bommi. Technically the movie stands tall and strong. Also, the dialogues of Madurai slang helmed by Director Virumandi suit the film which didn’t overrule it.


The Movie is spell bounding and definitely worth the watch for the stellar performance from Suriya & Sudha Kongara’s astonishing writing. The interesting narration along with emotions makes us completely packed from start to end. A best OTT release to enjoy this Diwali at your home.

Worth the Watch! Stunning and Astounding Film of the year

Movie Rating – 4 / 5.

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